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Debunking Christian Privilege

An anti-kyriarchy community

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Name:Identifying and Challenging Christian Privilege
Posting Access:All Members
This is a community for deconstructing and challenging Christian privilege. It's open to people of any religion or no religion. Membership and posting are both currently open and unmoderated; that may change. Anonymous comments are currently enabled but screened; that may change.

Basic Rules

  1. Mod posts/comments will contain a "mod hat" icon and bold red text.
  2. Nobody is obligated or expected to know the details of anyone else's religion.
  3. "Christianity," for the purpose of discussion here, includes any religion that claims Jesus as savior. It may include some groups that don't claim Jesus as savior; if they consider themselves Christians, so do we.
  4. Terminology: religion involves specialized vocabulary. Because religious terms in English are often very Christian-focused, deconstructing semantics is an expected and welcome part of this community.
  5. Keep in mind that religion is an innately touchy subject, often difficult to discuss with strangers. Some level of confusion and hurt are likely to be common; try to avoid making them worse.

Off-Topic Subjects

Because this community is focused on challenging a particular type of privilege, some topics are strongly discouraged because they're prone to derailing that focus. These include:
  • Evolution vs Creationism (Discussion of news/articles/posts about this is welcome; continuing the debate itself is not.)
  • Theism vs Atheism
  • Definitions of non-Christian religions; discussions of what is/is not "real" Wicca, Paganism, Buddhism, etc.
  • Judaism as a cultural identity instead of a religion.
  • Islam treated as a race instead of a religion.

Further Reading

People trying to understand what Christian privilege is, and why it matters, are encouraged to read the following:
Schlosser's 40 Examples of Christian privilege , at the Wayback Machine.
[ profile] vampiremagic's Christian Privilege Checklist

[personal profile] coffeeandink: Religion != Christianity
Renee Martin at Womanist Musings: Christian Privilege and White Privilege
Jennifer Kesler at What Privilege? What Christians could learn from feminists

dark_christian: Exploring and Exposing Dominionist Christianity
Religious Right Watch: dedicated to educating people about one of the most important political movement in America in the last 30 years: the Religious Right, which is also known as the Christian Right

Blumenfeld's Christian Privilege and the Promotion of “Secular” and Not-So “Secular” Mainline Christianity in Public Schooling and in the Larger Society (PDF; 16 pgs)
Seifert's Understanding Christian Privilege: Managing the Tensions of Spiritual Plurality (PDF, 8 pgs)

Anti-apologetics resources
The Heirophant's Proselytizer Questionnaire: "a series of offensively phrased questions that explain my [sic] problems with and objections to the various Christian churches."
Kissing Hank's Ass, a parable that Christians often assume is about them.
Bible Inconsistencies: Bible Contradictions?: " These lists are meant to identify possible problems in the Bible, especially problems which are inherent in a literalist or fundamentalist interpretation."

Anti-Kyriarchy links
This community has a subtitle of "An anti-kyriarchy community". What does that mean?
Accepting Kyriarchy, Not Apologies Kyriarchy defined.
Truthout about Kyriarchy: An Open Letter To “Feminist” Writers, Bloggers, and Journalists Further explanation of kyriarchy and what it is not.
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