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The Christians - they are "weeping" for the Pagans and praying for our Childrenz!!!!!11!!1!!!!


Mrs. B. Gets..... Religiously Persecuted

This is going to be a long one, folks!  

Yesterday,  I was going about my business after a nice day with friends to find a message about my participation in The Circle of Moms contest for the Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms.  It was a contest that someone else nominated my blog for, and I only found out about a few days ago.  I was extremely touched that someone had thought to nominate my blog (I'm still not completely sure who did it!) and within a a couple of days, I'd reached the top 10.  Along with my own blog, there were several other Pagan bloggers in the contest as well, I was happy to see.

The message I received yesterday informed me that a few of the other bloggers in the contest seemed to have some serious issues with there being Pagans and "self-professed witches" in the contest at all - much less that some were doing well in it!   The shock!  The horror!  The satan worshippers - that's not "faith"!!!!1

........con't. at above source

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Oh silly, dontcha know that them Christians are the only ones who have faith? Why else do you suppose they refer to ALL Non-Christians...Jews and other religions included...as "Non Believers" when posting on interfaith spirituality boards and elists?
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I'm always tempted to comment at people who say things like "we must pray for their children!!!" with "I'll pray for your children, too, and in 20 years we'll see whose gods are paying more attention."
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[personal profile] adalger 2011-05-27 09:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Vote registered. :)
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Why do you suppose being so stringently preyed upon prayed for makes me feel sleepy?

Oh, I know, boredom induces fantasy dreamlands!!