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elf ([personal profile] elf) wrote in [community profile] debunkingxian2011-05-20 05:24 pm

Shall I plan for no standing-room-only commute trains on Monday?


1) The ability to make whacked-out unsubstantiated claims about imminent future events, based on interpretations of mistranslations of multiple fragments of scripture, and be taken seriously by major news media corporations. (Not that major news media are claiming it's true, but they're claiming it's news that some religious nutjobs are claiming the end of the world is nigh.)

2) The ability to disagree with aforementioned imminent future events, and just expect everyone around you to accept that, despite being a member of the same group, you are not part of that particular Tinfoil Hat Brigade.

3) The ability to expect not to be publicly ridiculed the day after the future events don't happen. This applies to both believers in the IFE and people who share the privileged category but do not claim the IFE is going to happen. Well, at least, not the way *that* group is claiming it.

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