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A Week Till The End? Talk to The Hand...

I simply can't put it better than this article did!

The Christian exceptionalism attitude that dismisses any heterodox view as 'deceived by Satan' has always made my bullshit meter peg right out. Surely, they can't all have evaded logic class in college, right? A circular argument is circular, not valid!

I think Corsi sums it up pretty well.
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I wonder if Stewart or Colbert has any of them lined up for an interview on the 22nd? I'm loving this "MAY 21 EVERYTHING IS OVER!!!" movement, because in a week, either

1) The Xians will ALL GO AWAY, or
2) A particularly obnoxious set of Xians will eat metaphorical crow.

Or, I suppose, DA WURLD WILL END, in which case, I will try to be content with my accomplishments. I'm certainly not going to feel guilty for not having picked the "true" message out of the zillions of bits of propaganda JHVH-1 allows be thrown around in his name.

The movement's home is local to me; we've got billboards about it all over the place. I poked around the website, saw the warning,
"God is very, very merciful and loving. There is hope for anyone who humbly cries, who begs, and beseeches God that maybe they, too, might become saved."
Well. Um. Y'know, when I think of "merciful and loving," I think of someone who doesn't demand begging before he saves someone else. Apparently, JHVH-1 has a serious D/s humiliation kink.
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I am just endlessly amused that the world is ending on my husband's birthday! I mean really - who else got that kind of gift?