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The Christians - they are "weeping" for the Pagans and praying for our Childrenz!!!!!11!!1!!!!


Mrs. B. Gets..... Religiously Persecuted

This is going to be a long one, folks!  

Yesterday,  I was going about my business after a nice day with friends to find a message about my participation in The Circle of Moms contest for the Top 25 Faith Blogs by Moms.  It was a contest that someone else nominated my blog for, and I only found out about a few days ago.  I was extremely touched that someone had thought to nominate my blog (I'm still not completely sure who did it!) and within a a couple of days, I'd reached the top 10.  Along with my own blog, there were several other Pagan bloggers in the contest as well, I was happy to see.

The message I received yesterday informed me that a few of the other bloggers in the contest seemed to have some serious issues with there being Pagans and "self-professed witches" in the contest at all - much less that some were doing well in it!   The shock!  The horror!  The satan worshippers - that's not "faith"!!!!1

........con't. at above source

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