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Graduation means Jesus!

It's graduation time, and that means time for "moment of silence" in the presentation, to allow those who have specific religious faiths to contemplate how those helped them learn & grow. Except, of course, when the speaker introducing the "moment of silence" decides to use that moment to recite the Lord's Prayer instead:
“I was initially chosen to deliver the invocation but I was recently informed that I would be leading the moment of silence,” Barlow said. “However, before I fulfill my obligation, I would like to say that I am of the Christian faith and I respect those who do not share the same beliefs as I do. But at this time, I would like to give thanks to the God that has made the class of 2011 a great success. For those who share the in the same beliefs as I do, may I ask that you please bow your heads as I pray.”
Amazing concept of "respect" she's got going there. Apparently, that means "I don't think they should be shot on sight or thrown out of public events, but certainly we shouldn't allow them to be comfortable just because they've got a legal right to be here."
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and I respect those who do not share the same beliefs as I do. But

Oh, of course there is a 'but'...

That whole story makes me so very angry. Damon Fowler, the guy who objected to having prayers at the graduation has been treated like shit by his school and was kicked out of his parents home for it.
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So, atheist kid says nix the prayer or I call the ACLU. School behaves as if not being allowed to pray at the grad ceremony is "news" (lovely reps of educators, all of them) once they consult their lawyer.

They decide that no matter what they teach in class about the constitution real life just is different and majority rules no matter what. It's a pity that the irony of their "lesson" will be lost on most. If it weren't it would be a great teaching example.

If the principal and teachers had the balls to be true educators we could actually get somewhere on this issue. So sad.