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Xianity caused them to believe they'd spend the afterlife together! Murder/suicide pact revealed!

Except that is a headline you'll never read.

What you will read is shit like The Wild Hunt blogged about:

Using Tragedy as a Bludgeon

At the end of April a Colville, Washington man and his 14-year-old stepdaughter were found dead, the seeming results of a murder-suicide or mutual suicide pact. The two admitted in letters left behind that they were in love, and much was made of the fact that both allegedly claimed to be adherents of Wicca.

“Ann Lykke, 36, said she found letters after the two disappeared that indicated they were having a romantic relationship. ”I didn’t believe it until I found the proof when she was gone,” Ann Lykke said in a brief telephone interview Thursday from Colville. Lykke said her husband and daughter practiced the Wicca religion, and shot themselves because they believed they would spend the afterlife together. Lykke, a hypnotherapist, said she is a Christian.”

I really have tired of this. Perhaps we need a news round-up of Christians who commit heinous acts that we can publish far and wide on the Internet to smear their religion.

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It does get tiresome, doesn't it. Like stories of people who may have impoverished themselves and their children under the delusion that Jesus would come take them 'home' yesterday, for instance?

Or stuff like THIS?

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My sentiments exactly. I'm sick to death of seeing articles like this. I think I'll write that paper and ask them if they felt the need to mention Christianity in a negative light in every instance where a suspect was Christian.

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I'm still waiting for an article that says something like,

"...and the suspect, a member of the Divine Glory Baptist Church, was taken into custody. Reverend Smith, a self-proclaimed Christian and minister at the church, insists that their religion is one of peace and does not condone violence against women."