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Shall I plan for no standing-room-only commute trains on Monday?


1) The ability to make whacked-out unsubstantiated claims about imminent future events, based on interpretations of mistranslations of multiple fragments of scripture, and be taken seriously by major news media corporations. (Not that major news media are claiming it's true, but they're claiming it's news that some religious nutjobs are claiming the end of the world is nigh.)

2) The ability to disagree with aforementioned imminent future events, and just expect everyone around you to accept that, despite being a member of the same group, you are not part of that particular Tinfoil Hat Brigade.

3) The ability to expect not to be publicly ridiculed the day after the future events don't happen. This applies to both believers in the IFE and people who share the privileged category but do not claim the IFE is going to happen. Well, at least, not the way *that* group is claiming it.
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I a hoping to have the privilege of Post-Rapture Looting. I'll finally get my eReader!

I saw a post on FB by someone who doesn't post religious stuff whining about how people would post on Facebook walls of Xians "told you so" or the like when everyone is still here on the 22nd. I thought, "Really?" If you know people who randomly laugh at people for shit like that you need better friends. But hey - it's never too early to whinge about future possible angst.
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I think the worst was reading that some of these nutjobs are intending the euthanization of their pets in "preparation."

And what kind of freaking veterinarian actually DOES that?
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greedy ones--(or ones who are not informed of the reason)
I don't think folks like that deserve critters anyhow (the pets do Not deserve to have such owners..)

Why, haven't they heard of "Rapture Rescue"?( This is one of those things I can not remember if I read about, or made-up... fun idea eather way)
Pay 'pet loving sinners' (in advance, naturally) to come in and take care of your animals after you are received into your (pet free) heaven.

The no animals rule was one of the First Big Fracture points with that religion for me---I just thought it was One *Stupid* priest, who Obviously did Not know what he was talking about.
---Then I learned it was *Accepted*

(later I heard that--'the dove' (the one from the ark) and 'the ass" (that carried JC) were allowed in, and Only those Individuals
---Wow! letting flock and herd animals be *Alone Forever*...how is That a good thing?
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The Rapture Relief thing made me laugh my ass off. And he made about $40 thousand already from morons!

The whole animals are soulless bit drove me nuts. It contributes, in my opinion to the idea that all in the world is useless except for humans. And thus, the poor treatment of creatures and nature.

Fuck that.
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OHH Cool! glad Somebody Did it ... (really, I couldn't remember)

Well, at least it is now generally accepted that women (oh, and brown people) have souls...
( a thing that was Debated if I remember correctly...)
So why an I not more grateful?
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Because we aren't patriarchal, racist, species-hating asshats? Thus we are ungrateful when we see privilege exerted like a tennis backhand at everything else??
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Good thing I don't work in one of those centers. I don't know as I'd be able to resist the urge to smack the crap out of the idiots.
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I suspect the sort of stupid which makes somebody a bad pet owner doesn't necessarily overlap with the sort which makes one believe the Rapture will absolutely happen on a specific certain date, luckily.
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I'm doing my best not to ridicule the believers in the IFE, but it's hard, I'm not always succeeding, and I don't expect everyone even within the privileged category to even necessarily always try to be so charitable.
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That is a little bit different than locally, where they made jokes on the news and barely contained their laughter when the time came, and then went. I believe reports on Furries got more straight-faced reports than the Rapture Addicts did.