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Google Insults Christians

Apparently, failure to recognize Christian holidays with special treatment is an "insult."

Google's Cesar Chavez Logo Insults Christians On Easter: posts gathered from the forums include Posting a picture of Chevez on Easter makes me feel uncomfortable and creates a "hostile web environment". Please replace Chevez with an Easter-theme.

Got that? It is "hostile" to not make special Christian-holiday-themed pages. Maybe not if you don't ever do them (Yahoo had no Easter theme and got no flak for that, but Yahoo doesn't make themed search pages), but it's certainly insulting to honor something *else* that happened on the same date as a Christian holiday.

A couple of weeks ago, I switched to DuckDuckGo.com because of privacy concerns. The Easter Chavez logo, and surrounding controversy, makes me less twitchy about still using Google for those searches where DDG just doesn't have what I'm looking for.
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I posted about this on Facebook in a this is the media trying to make a controversy where there had been none kind of way. A handful of sound bite bitter Christians found something to stamp their feet about while their actual fellow religionists just celebrated their highest holy day, like you know, that was their purpose for the day.

Some days I hate the Internet more than other days and stuff like this is why. I pictured Pat Robertson types finding things to pretend to be outraged about, posting it, then sitting back and laughing at all their band wagoners getting apoplectic.

Maybe I just hate people extra much today.
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Sorry - Chavez does not trump Jesus Christ. This is Jesus Christ's day and it did not JUST appear on the calendar on March 31st. In fact google dishonors Chavez with their blatant disdain for this most holy Christian day.

Well, duh. Of course he doesn't trump Jesus. When God plays bridge Jesus and his apostles are always the trump suit. *nod*

And by the way Jesus was the most out spoken person to walk the earth.

o_O Obviously loves under a rock.

There are 2.1 BILLION Christians in the world and in fact, your offenses are actually forcing Christians to wake up and take action... I guess you have forgotten how Christianity grew from persecution.

Persecution! NEVAH AGAIN THE BURNING LACK OF BUNNIES AND EGGS AT GOOGLE TIMES! This, this, Google's obsession with its liberal minority agenda, is what will push the new generation of Christians into ACTION!

Bahahaha. I'm guessing most of the 2.1 BILLION don't give a shit about Google doodles. U.S. reactionary Christians, yes,they care.

Once these older fanatical Christians die off it will be a lot easier to be online. The ~50/50 split of citizens who favour marriage equality is in spite of the older super conservative ones. The news said the young evangelical christians are in favour of marriage equality by a large majority. It is the dinosaurs stomping their feet, not the newly minted younger ones. Which explains a lot of why the people I know never seem to fit into the media portrayals.
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Wow, and to think that martyrdom used to involve lions, or arrows, or death! And now, all it needs is to be insulted? Boy, those are some wussy assed martyrs. Poor widdle xians, all butt hurt that someone would dare to have a FIXED birthday on "their" moveable feast.
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Not only oh-so-special, but showing off a very special kind of stupidity. I tell you, your icon has it right....I don't even want to watch the weapons grade whining any more.
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Tangentially related, and may amuse you

[personal profile] pauamma 2013-04-20 01:29 pm (UTC)(link)
http://wcg.dreamwidth.org/1528084.html (journal owner is a Christian, AFAIK)
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Re: Tangentially related, and may amuse you

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Thanks for banning me from your journal before giving me an opportunity to respond. I appreciate it.

Since you asked, I consider something of agnostic with an interest in history, historiography, and religious studies. I was pursuing a graduate degree in Middle Eastern studies, but after being laid off, I no longer have the funds to do so and I'm reluctant to take out loans because I'm already in massive debt that I'm not certain how I'll ever pay back because I currently work part-time as a checker at a grocery store for minimum wage. I don't think you're stupid so much as fond of over-generalizations and very touchy about being argued with or proved wrong.

"Since I'm Pagan, there are many who believe I should be killed, so someone who just thinks I'm wrong is irrelevant."

That doesn't make you special. No matter what your religion (or lack thereof), there are people out there who think you should be killed or forcibly converted.