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Missing word

Do we have a label for "media doesn't bother reporting when the majority/dominant/privileged group is involved in a crime?" Or "media downplays affiliations to privileged group even when overwhelmingly obvious?"

California Preschool Closing After Alleged Sexual Activity Between Students

A Christian preschool was cited for sexual activity between the students and failure to provide adequate supervision. While school and church officials insisted that their religion has nothing to do with the several incidents of oral sex between students, at least one parent admits that his child is a sexual predator.

No, wait. That's not quite what happened. Nobody insisted that their religion has nothing to do with the incidents, because of course, nobody even MENTIONED the concept of religion connecting to four- and five-year-olds engaging in inappropriate sexual activities in a Lutheran church's preschool. However, the rest is accurate.

If this were a Muslim school, or a Buddhist school, or (eep) Pagan, the press would be *all over* the religious aspects... the headline would mention the religion, and the comments would be swarmed with "that's what happens when you let those immoral people have access to children."

So... do we have a word or phrase that covers a situation where people or the media only mention religion--or race, or sex, or orientation, and so on--when it's *not* part of the dominant group? This is a big part of how privilege reinforces itself: it's invisible because "normal" situations never mention whatever the default assumption is, and certainly don't call attention to it as potentially being connected to whatever's interesting or newsworthy about a story.

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