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War on Christmas update!

The AFA has sent out its "Naughty or Nice" newsletter, updating the list of stores that do and don't mention Christmas in their advertising. The newsletter, not available to the public on the site (can only get it by subscribing), mentions:
Over the past seven years, your AFA has stood firm in the "War on Christmas." Companies who used to refuse to acknowledge Christmas now have Christmas "shops" inside their stores. Many of them now liberally use "Christmas" in their advertising and in-store signage. Sadly, there are still some companies which refuse to use "Christmas." They continue to insult and offend Christian shoppers by sticking with their politically correct "holiday" term.
Emphasis added. That's right; it's offensive and insulting to *not specifically mention* someone's religious holiday. (If that someone is Christian, of course. There's no outcry against not mentioning other holidays.)

They only focus this campaign on stores that carry "items associated with Christmas (trees, wreaths, lights, etc.)" Because, of course, trees, wreaths, and lights are what the birth of Christ is ALL ABOUT.

Stores that are adamant about refusing to use the word Christmas include Home Depot (the AFA has a special hate for Home Depot, which provides support for gay employees), Old Navy, Gap, Barnes & Noble, Staples, and Victoria's Secret.

No, I don't have any idea what theoretically Christmassy stuff Victoria's Secret carries.
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Damn it, I absolutely am going to stop shopping at any store that doesn't wish me a Joyous Saturnalia!

Good Gods, I am sick of the constant martyr-wannabe whining of these idiots.
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Sexy Santa Underwear, probably.