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Free Jesus DVD!

I got an email from the America Family Association, urging me to sign my church up for a free DVD about the life of Jesus... so I did. Then they urged me to tell my friends to sign their churches up, so here you go. This is no-doubt a short-time offer, so if you enjoy Christian propaganda, sign up soon. They may also have non-English versions available.

They want to reach EVERY CHURCH IN AMERICA! I'm assuming that includes the non-Christian ones, so have fun!

The email they want me to forward around says:

Help us reach every church in America!

In the days of the Apostles, it was dangerous to follow Jesus... Today that danger remains.

Now, in an unprecedented effort to reach the world with the message of the Gospel - and dangers facing today’s persecuted church... The Voice of the Martyrs is offering their feature-length animated movie, JESUS: He Lived Among Us.

This story of Jesus unfolds through the eyes of His last surviving disciple, John the Beloved. Banished to the Isle of Patmos, the Apostle John recounts the incredible and often dangerous story of what happened when Jesus lived among us!

Please help us reach the world with this unique presentation of the Gospel.

Sign up your church today for a
FREE DVD copy of
JESUS: He Lived Among Us
I'm rather lacking in rantish commentary on this; I'm giggling too hard. I am delighted at the idea of a group so blind to their bias and privilege that they say "every church" when they mean "every Christian church--no, every evangelical Protestant Christian church."
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Tell them you have 2 crucial questions after watching the movie. :-)